Date: 19/05/2022

OPR Seaways commences liner services to Bangladesh

OPR Seaways, a tri-party venture between OM Logistics, Phonex Group and Roadwings International, has come together to provide liner services to Bangladesh.  
The aim of OPR Seaways is to provide fast and reliable transportation services to Bangladesh in containers through barges. Om Logistics has recently acquired Transafe (a unit of Balmer Lawrie & Co.) which has an inventory of over 15,000 containers ready for this movement. Phonex Roadwings, with their equipment base, stevedoring, shore handling expertise and tie-ups in Bangladesh, are adding to this venture operationally. 
The company is focused on providing consolidated logistics to exporters where even 1 container can be transported from Kolkata to Bangladesh in the most economical and fast way. This movement is expected to be beneficial to the entire trade as well as Kolkata Port. With chartered barges, lower handling costs, in-house vehicle fleet, Container Freight Station, and Custom and non-Custom bonded warehouses, OPR has a massive competitive edge, emphasised a release. 
The benefits of container movement via barges to Bangladesh are: 
* Ensures safety and security of cargo 
* As low as 1 container can be transported to Bangladesh 
* No detention in Bangladesh 
* 5-day delivery after sailing from Kolkata Port 
* Factory-to-factory logistics available 
* Minimal storage charges in containers 
* Reduced cost
Source: Exim News Service: KOLKATA, May 18