Date: 11/07/2024

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Q 388: Could you provide us details on EDPMS?   
A: 1. RBI is the Central Monitoring Authority and Custodian of forex reserves.
2. EDPMS aims to improve the monitoring system of the country’s forex and thereby score in the international market for improving India’s rating in Ease of Doing Business due to transparency.
3. The introduction of EDPMS was vide RBI Circular RBI/2013-14/481 A.P. (DIR Services) circular No. 101 dated 14.02.2014. 
4. ICEGATE is transmitting gateway.
5. From ICEGATE, Shipping Bill data floats/is transmitted to different PGAs (Participating Government Agencies i.e. RBI, GST, Drawback department of the Customs and so on).
6. EDMPS is a software/platform of RBI which receives inward Shipping Bill data.
7. RBI can only receive the data on EDPMS platform.
8. RBI does not do any entry in EDPMS by itself.
9. RBI has help desk for EDPMS.
10. RBI/bank have no authority to choose, modify or cancel any data i.e. Shipping Bill.
11. The Custom department first uploads the data on ICEGATE.
12. Once the Shipping Bill is uploaded, it is transmitted. Thereafter, even the Customs department cannot change, modify or cancel any entry on ICEGATE and/or on portals. 
13. DGFT/Customs/banks and RBI have access to the data of EDPMS.
14. Since the EDPMS deals with money matters, login facility to the exporter is not allowed.
15. Flow of the Shipping Bill data from the Customs/EDI portal to EDPMS is on daily basis - Real time data.
16. AD bank is required to login regularly to view and process data.
17. AD is implementer and they interpret the data.
18. MT 103 is standard swift message number between banks for “Payment Received Message”.
19. When the bank receives any amount from overseas, the bank intimates the party.
20. Exporter must give the disposal instructions for this amount along with Purpose Code. Exporter must provide supporting documents, as required.
21. e-BRC is issued when PRN (Payment Realization Nomenclature) is done. Refer CLE/POLICY/CIRCULAR/2017 dated September 21, 2017.
22. Banks have access to the portal to limited extent, and that too limited fields only, say, 10/12 fields. These columns are the same, which banks
give to the exporter by way of an outstanding statement.
23. In the statement of EDPMS, the following remarks are given against each entry. The interpretation of the given remark is as follows: 
Pending Ad Ack You have not submitted export documents
Pending Payment Total amount is outstanding/not realised
Partially Paid
Part amount is realised. Balance is outstanding
4. Merger of banks has also created problems in working of EDPMS.
25. FIEO was given access to view entries only for some time. 
26. Bank will login and open particular Shipping Bill.
27. Bank will also check swift message/MT 103, for further details – narration.
28. Banks will first enter the details in their own software/system which is internal. Thereafter, the same details are uploaded on EDPMS portal.
29. SBI uses “FINACLE” software for uploading the data. Different banks use different software.
30. Branch has to access EDPMS – RBI portal - through “CBS” Core Banking System. “CBS” is a centre in every bank – which has direct access to EDPMS portal. “CBS” is under strict control.
31. Monitoring of data by the bank for its exporter is through IEC Number.
If, in the Shipping Bill, Bank ‘A’ is mentioned as AD Bank along with AD Code, then it is expected that the exporter should realise the payment of that Shipping Bill in Bank “A” only.
In majority of the cases, the payment is received in Bank “A” only. 
But, if the payment is received in Bank “B”, then following additional procedure is to be followed by the exporter to regularise the transaction.
Exporter must submit a full set of export documents to Bank “B”.
 Exporter should mention in the covering letter to “B” that AD Code of Bank “A” is mentioned in the Shipping Bill.
33b. Bank “B” will take “another bank’s approval” (From Bank “A”).
33c. Bank “A” will give approval (online) and Bank “B” will issue e-BRC.
33d. This entry will be knocked off.
port proceeds, then it must record this extension in its system and in remark column of EDPMS.
35. On 9th October 2020, automated caution listing was suspended.
36. AD Bank will incorporate the following remarks in appropriate column in EDPMS system:
Extension Reduction Write off