Date: 01/12/2023

Thailand’s Kra Isthmus land bridge could reduce shipping time

A land bridge across Thailand’s Kra Isthmus is touted as an alternative to the congested Malacca Strait, the shortest sea route between India and China, that would drastically reduce shipping time and costs for several countries, a high-stakes economic advantage, said a report. The proposed land bridge would consist of a deep-sea port on both sides of the isthmus linked by rail, effectively creating a shortcut for shiploads of goods. By using this passage, vessels would no longer need to navigate around Malaysia and Singapore, saving as much as 1,200 km of travel distance and slashing shipping time significantly.  However, the project remains contentious. Concerns range from the potential environmental damage, to the financing, to the geopolitical implications. There’s also scepticism about its commercial viability given the substantial costs, the report added. 
Source: Exim News Service: Bangkok, Nov. 30