Date: 01/12/2023

ZIM announces measures in response to threats in the Arabian & Red Seas

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd, a global container liner shipping company, has reaffirmed its continued commitment to serve the East Mediterranean and Israeli ports. Operations to and from these ports will be maintained with the highest regard for safety protocols which are essential to safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders.
In light of the threat to safe transit of global trade in the Arabian and Red Seas, ZIM is taking temporary proactive measures to ensure the safety of its crews, vessels and customers’ cargo by re-routing some of its vessels. As a result of these measures, longer transit times in the relevant ZIM services are anticipated, though every effort is being made to minimise disruptions.
ZIM is closely monitoring the situation to address potential risks and ensure the ongoing safety and efficiency of its operations.
It will maintain the highest level of service to its customers, emphasised a release.
Source: Exim News Service: Haifa, Nov. 30