Date: 20/11/2023

NYK Group in chemical ship pool business

The NYK Group, Stolt Tankers B.V. and ENEOS Ocean Corporation have launched a chemical ship pool business in the Asia-Pacific region in October.
The project started with 13 vessels comprising two chemical tankers owned by ENEOS Ocean and 11 chemical tankers owned by a joint venture between NYK Group and Stolt Tankers. The vessels are equipped with stainless steel tanks capable of transporting various chemical products, thus allowing the companies to respond flexibly to shippers’ transportation needs. Through this business with Stolt Tankers and ENEOS Ocean in the chemical market, where demand is strong, the NYK Group aims to provide high-quality transport services through a competitive fleet, said a release.
In a pool business, shipowners and operators pool their vessels and undertake transportation services at the request of shippers. The pool business allows more flexible transportation services that utilise economies of scale.
Said NYK Executive Officer Yuji Nishijima: “We have a strong relationship with Stolt Tankers, boasting unrivalled experience spanning over 30 years in the chemical tanker business. Additionally, we have a deep trust-based relationship with ENEOS Ocean, primarily in the field of crude oil tankers. We are delighted to have taken this step into the chemical tanker pool operation based on these relationships. We look forward to co-creating further value with these reliable partners, Stolt Tankers and ENEOS Ocean.”
Source: Exim News Service: Tokyo, Nov. 19