Date: 03/02/2023

COSCO SHIPPING Holdings launches integrated supply chain product 

On January 29 (the 8th day of the first lunar month), COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co., Ltd launched “Talent Pegasus” – its first supply chain product integrating trailer, Customs clearance and shipping services in the new year on its e-commerce platform SynCon Hub. With its debut at the ports of Shanghai and South China, “Talent Pegasus” marks an important measure launched by COSCO SHIPPING Holdings to systematically develop its supply chain capacity, informed a release.
Talent Pegasus highlights five features:
*Quality and reliable delivery. Underpinned by a comprehensive global shipping service network, sufficient and stable trailer resources together with an experienced Customs clearance service team, “Talent Pegasus” ensures quality services and reliable delivery. Its services cover Chinese Mainland and various overseas countries and regions.
* Convenient and hassle-free services. With the support of an integrated supply chain, “Talent Pegasus” provides customers with one-stop services. The housekeeping-style services team works and communicates closely with customers throughout the whole process, offering them convenient and hassle-free service experience.
* Real-time freight visibility throughout the entire process. With the help of information technology, “Talent Pegasus” enables shippers to have real-time freight visibility during the whole shipping process. Customers can monitor anytime the status of different key segments for logistics process, including trailers, Customs clearance, port entry, lading, delivery, transhipment, arrival, discharge and delivery pick-up. Its services team will react immediately to any problems during the process.
* Price transparency. “Talent Pegasus” quotes “all-in prices” for all of its services, providing customers with transparent pricing details and charging rules and thus eliminating the risks of hidden surcharges.
* Flexible and convenient payment methods. Customers can choose to settle their bills for “Talent Pegasus” either in RMB or in USD.
Since the formulation of its digital supply chain development strategy in 2022, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings has taken a number of major initiatives in relation to brand building and capital operation, ranging from vehicle carrier export to the optimisation of e-commerce platform, and from the development of a trailer platform to the capital cooperation in logistics, ports and customer development. The company’s transformation from a shipping service operator to an integrated supply chain service operator is gaining momentum. The launch of “Talent Pegasus”, the company’s first product of its “Talent” series, marks a significant achievement in the creation of its digital supply chain and the commencement of its high-quality development. Along with the steady advancement of digital supply chain transformation, more products with additional functions and outstanding features will show up. As in the past, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings will continue to develop ever-improving, more resilient global and digital supply chain service system to provide customers with more diverse, customised, green and low-carbon digital supply chain solutions comprising “container shipping + port + related logistics” services, thereby delivering greater value to investors of COSCO SHIPPING Holdings, the release emphasised.
Source: Exim News Service: Shanghai, Feb. 2