Date: 23/09/2022

Maritime And Logistics Awards (MALA) 2022 to honour some of the best in the business today
* Set to be a grand gathering of the entire fraternity
The 12th edition of Exim India’s Maritime And Logistics Awards (MALA) 2022 is set to roll out in all its grandeur at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai on Friday, September 23, 2022.
Registration begins at 4.30 pm. Entry to the event will be based on prior registration/invitation only. All attendees are requested to be at the venue on time and take their seats and allotted tables (in case of event partners).
With all roads leading to the venue on Friday and the entire spectrum of industry players/associates expected to be in attendance, it will be a full house and a power-packed experience encompassing the astute views of some industry stalwarts and, importantly, the recognition of excellence among companies and individuals in multiple categories. 
MALA 2022 will thus again be a grand gathering of the entire fraternity under one roof to appreciate and applaud the winners and nominees, listen to the insightful views of some of the leading lights, and avail of the opportunity to network.
Source: Exim News Service: Mumbai, Sept. 22