Date: 04/07/2022

Railways’ best ever monthly freight loading in June

The Railways has carried forward the momentum of the previous year in the year 2022-23 as well, recording its best ever monthly freight loading of 125.50 MT in June 2022. The incremental loading in June has been 12.72 MT i.e. a growth of 11.28 % over the previous best June figures achieved in 2021. With this, the Railways has had 22 straight months of best ever monthly freight loading.
This growth has been fuelled by incremental loading of 13.19 MT of coal, followed by 1.68 MT of cement & clinker, 1.57 MT of balance other goods, and 0.64 MT of foodgrains.
The cumulative freight loading in the first quarter of the year has been 379.4 MT as against 339.3 MT achieved in 2021-22 i.e. an incremental loading of 40.09 MT, with a growth of 12% over the same period last year.
The freight NTKMs (Net Tonne Kilometres) increased from 63.3 billion in June 2021 to 75.8 billion in June 2022, said a release.
Source: Exim News Service: New Delhi, July 3