Date: 13/05/2022

RoDTEP rates for SEZs  to be finalised by mid-June

THE rates for the export-boosting scheme, RoDTEP, regarding ex-ports from Special Eco-nomic Zones (SEZs) and export-oriented units (EOUs), are likely to be finalised soon by the government-appointed committee headed by former Commerce Secre-tary Mr G. K. Pillai. The Remission of Duties and Taxes on Export Prod-ucts (RoDTEP) scheme, which was rolled out last year, enables the refund of duties and taxes at the central, state and local levels. It includes levies incurred in the process of manufacture and dis-tribution of export prod-ucts currently not being rebated under any other scheme, as per a report.


Source: Exim News Service: NEW DELHI, May 11