Date: 11/07/2024

Revision in fuel surcharge on pilotage at Hazira Port due to fuel price changes

As the bulk fuel rate has come down from Rs 115.3/litre to Rs 85.52/litre, the tariff rate has been de-escalated in the ratio of USD 0.003/GT: Re 1/litre change in bulk fuel price.
The revised tariff rate is as follows:
Base rate (as per Circular No. AHPL/Marine/03/2022 dated 24 May 2022)
* Bulk Fuel Rate (Rs / Litre): 115.30
* Fuel Surcharge on Pilotage Rate (USD/GT): 0.100000
Revised rate
* Bulk Fuel Rate (Rs / Litre): 85.52
* Fuel Surcharge on Pilotage Rate (USD/GT): 0.010660
This is as per Adani Hazira Port Ltd Circular No.: AHPL/FS/R49/2024-25
Source: Exim News Service: Hazira/Ahmedabad, July 10