Date: 11/06/2024

SMP Kolkata bridges Haldia and China with direct vessel service 
Set to launch regular container train service between Haldia Dock Complex and Kolkata Dock System 
Haldia Dock Complex (HDC) of Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port, Kolkata (SMPK) has announced the inauguration of a groundbreaking direct Weekly Express Service linking Port Klang and Yangon, marking a new era in shipping and logistics. This first-of-its-kind service debuted with the successful berthing of the vessel SITC Nagoya at the Haldia International Container Terminal on June 6, 2024, arriving directly from Shanghai, China, said Mr Rathendra Raman, Chairman, SMP Kolkata. 
The second vessel in this pioneering loop service, SITC Tianjin, is scheduled to call at Haldia Dock Complex from China around June 12, 2024. For the first time in SMPK’s history, a regular weekly direct service from Yangon and Port Klang will call at Haldia Container Terminal, operated by J M Baxi Ports and Logistics. The port rotation of this weekly service is Port Klang-Haldia Dock Complex-Yangon Port-Port Klang/Shanghai, creating a seamless connection between the Far East ports, including China and Japan, and SMP Kolkata. This marks a significant boost in shipping efficiency and flexibility by adding vessels, enhancing connections to Myanmar, Port Klang and Shanghai, benefiting shippers in West Bengal, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, the North East, Nepal and Bhutan with faster, cheaper transit times, highlighted a SMP Kolkata release. 
Appreciating the productive efforts of J M Baxi Ports and Logistics, Mr Rathendra Raman said: “The vessel service is aimed to enhance and provide efficient shipping and cost-effective shipping to the fast-growing ex-im trade in this region. It is expected that with the commencement of this direct service, the cost of shipment will be cheaper by about 35% for the cargo from Far East countries to SMP Kolkata compared to the traditional route, encouraging cargo/trade owners of India, Malaysia, Myanmar, China and Japan on a regular basis.” 
Container train service
In another major development, SMP Kolkata is set to launch a regular container train service between Haldia Dock and Kolkata. Haldia Dock, with its deeper draughts, can accommodate larger container vessels, allowing importers to bring in more cargo. This cargo can then be efficiently transported by train to Kolkata, providing an integrated, cost-effective logistics solution that extends to the customers’ doorsteps. 
These initiatives underscore SMP Kolkata’s commitment to enhancing logistics efficiency and offering robust, end-to-end solutions for its valued customers. With these strategic advancements, SMP Kolkata continues to pave the way for streamlined, global connectivity and superior service delivery, the release emphasised.
Source: Exim News Service; Kolkata, June 10