Date: 11/06/2024

Houthis fire missiles on 2 ships in Gulf of Aden

The Houthis damaged two commercial vessels in missile attacks in the Gulf of Aden in the last 24 hours as part of the militia group’s ongoing campaign against international ocean shipping, said US Central Command (CENTCOM). Houthis hit the Tavvishi, a Liberian-flagged and Swiss-owned container ship, with an anti-ship ballistic missile, CENTCOM said.  The vessel was damaged but no crew were injured, according to CENTCOM. Two missiles fired by the Houthis also struck the Norderney, a German-owned cargo ship operating under Antigua and Barbados flags. It sustained damage but no crew were injured and the vessel continued on its journey, CENTCOM added. The Houthis had earlier claimed to have set the Norderney ablaze, as per a report.
Source: Exim News Service: Jeddah, June 10