Date: 27/05/2024

SPJ Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd inaugurated
Equipped with the latest technology to ensure optimal storage conditions for a wide range of perishable goods
SPJ Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd, a state-of-the-art facility, was officially inaugurated on May 20, 2024, marking a significant milestone in the region’s storage and logistics sector. The event was a grand affair, attended by numerous dignitaries and members of the trade fraternity from various shipping lines, terminal operators, exporters & rail operators etc. who gathered to celebrate the achievement.
Located strategically to serve various industries, SPJ Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd. is equipped with the latest technology to ensure optimal storage conditions for a wide range of perishable goods. The facility boasts advanced refrigeration systems, ensuring temperature controlled environments essential for maintaining the quality and freshness of stored products.
The inauguration ceremony saw an impressive turnout, with key figures from the trade community, local business leaders, and stakeholders from the logistics sector present to show their support and enthusiasm for the new venture.  Their presence underscored the importance of SPJ Cold Storage in enhancing the supply chain infrastructure and supporting the economic growth of the region.
The MD of SPJ Cold Storage, in his address, emphasised the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation.  He highlighted the role of the new facility in meeting the growing demand for reliable and efficient cold storage solutions, thereby contributing significantly to the local and national economy. 
The event concluded with a tour of the facility, allowing guests to witness first-hand the cutting-edge technology and infrastructure in place. The successful inauguration of SPJ Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd is poised to set new standards in the cold storage industry, promising robust support for businesses reliant on high-quality storage solutions, highlighted a release.
HIGHLIGHTS Preserving quality, delivering excellence
Understanding the critical importance of maintaining the integrity and freshness of perishable goods throughout the supply chain, the advanced facilities at SPJ Cold Storage encompass the latest refrigeration systems and temperature control technology, ensuring optimal conditions for a wide range of products, including fruits, vegetables, dairy, pharmaceuticals, and more.
Customised solutions for every need
Whether you’re a small scale supplier looking to extend the shelf life of your produce or a multinational corporation seeking seamless cold chain logistics, the facility’s flexible storage options and scalable solutions are tailored to accommodate varying storage requirements, from short-term to long-term preservation.
Unrivalled reliability and security
SPJ Cold Storage prioritises the safety and security of goods above all else. Its facilities are equipped with robust security measures and round-the-clock monitoring systems to ensure the integrity of products at every stage of storage and transit.
The SPJ advantage
   With decades of experience in the refrigeration industry, SPJ Group brings unparalleled expertise and commitment to quality to every aspect of its operations. It is thus the ideal partner for freshness, reliability and excellence, the release added.
Salient features of the cold storage warehouse
* Capacity of each chamber: 288 metric tons
* Temperature: Each chamber convertible from -25 C to +25 C
* Total number of docs: 9 
* Temperature controlled chambers from +25 to -25 degree Celsius
* Security arrangements
*24x7 operations
* Premises equipped with CCTV cameras
* Software-driven operational process
* Genset back-up
*  Solar panel installed electricity
* Rain harvesting facility
Source: Exim News Service: New Delhi, May 26