Date: 15/05/2024

MSC Air Cargo expands fleet
MSC Air Cargo is leading the charge towards a future of greater efficiency, flexibility and unparalleled customer service, passing from operating a single aircraft to a fleet that will include five starting in May. MSC Air Cargo has strengthened its gateways in Malpensa and Liège, bolstering its ability to serve the diverse needs of the continent. While the Transpacific trade lane remains a critical focus, in line with the overall evolving demand out of South China & Hong Kong, the company maintains a balanced schedule and a diversified portfolio of clients and cargo types. From flowers sourced in Quito to high-fashion items from Malpensa, MSC Air Cargo’s services extend beyond general cargo, encompassing pharmaceuticals, perishables, e-commerce, vehicles and even aviation logistics for aircraft engines and helicopter movements. The company is positioning itself as a key partner to its clients, supporting the evolving needs of the global supply chain, highlighted a report.