Date: 16/04/2024

‘Pratap’s Amazing Musicians’ – ‘Unveiling the Unheard’
A unique initiative showcasing instrumentalists
The FEI Group, under its CSR wing, “Shailaja Nair Foundation”, has been doing pioneering work in the areas of Social Equity and the promotion of Indian music. The Foundation’s latest initiative aims to give wings to an integral part of Indian music: the instrumentalists. The objective of the program is to provide a robust platform for instrumental musicians to showcase their phenomenal talent, share their musical journeys with a discerning audience, and have their work heard, seen and appreciated by the veterans of Indian music.
The initiative, “Pratap’s Amazing Musicians”, is the brainchild of Mr Pratap Nair, Chairman, FEI Group, who seamlessly traverses two worlds as a passionate music lover and an entrepreneur in the shipping industry.
Aptly named “Unveiling the Unheard”, the initiative is unique because, from the vast ocean of soulful Indian music, it focuses on showcasing those musicians who have dedicated years of rigorous learning to master their craft and build a sacred and symbiotic relationship with their revered instruments. It pays homage to the ancient art forms and the lives that the musicians have dedicated to them. The DNA’s of culture and music pass on the precious fruits of their hard work to their next generations of music students. The students in turn faithfully follow the tradition and evolve until their skills flower again, spreading their fragrance, infused with ancient knowledge, but coloured with fresh perspectives, bringing immense joy to the lovers of music.
Each event aims to bring on the stage two distinct instruments and their players, celebrating the diversity and beauty of their magic. “Unveiling the Unheard” will aspire not only to conduct ticketed monthly music festivals to showcase these hugely talented instrumentalists, but also to ensure that their music is preserved for posterity in digital archives on its website.
Beyond the festival, curated events can be customised for those who wish to do so for special occasions. A directory of musicians will be showcased on the website, where music lovers can not only see a rich tapestry of promising talent but also hear the soulful stories of the artists’ musical journeys.
“Music is the universal language that transcends all boundaries of culture and language. In a world that is connected electronically but separated by boundaries, music can play an important role in inclusion and unity. We aim to build bridges continuously with our latest musical offering.”
The inaugural show is scheduled for 20th April 2024 at 1930 hours at Rang Sharda Auditorium, Bandra, Mumbai. Music lovers are invited to support and attend the event as a mark of their appreciation and love for instrumental music. The Shailaja Nair Foundation and its patron company, FEI Group, take great pride in this initiative to proudly preserve and propagate the musical treasures of India.