Date: 16/04/2024

US condemns Iran’s seizure of MSC Aries 
India speaks to Iran on the release of 17 crew members 
The US State Department has strongly condemned Iran’s seizure of a container ship, the MSC Aries, near the Strait of Hormuz and urged Tehran to immediately release the vessel and its crew. The seizure of a non-military vessel, without any provocation on its part, is deemed a blatant violation of international laws and piracy. The vessel, flying the Portuguese flag and owned by Britain, was seized in international waters, and its crew comprised nationals from India, the Philippines, Pakistan, Russia and Estonia.
In the meantime, India’s External Affairs Minister, Mr S. Jaishankar, spoke to his Iranian counterpart, Mr H. Amirabdollahian, regarding the release of 17 Indian crew members who are among the 25-member crew of the cargo vessel. Mr Jaishankar shared on X that he spoke to the Iranian FM, took up the release of the 17 Indian crew members of MSC Aries, and discussed the current situation in the region. Stressed the importance of avoiding escalation, exercising restraint and returning to diplomacy, as per a report.
source: Exim News Service: Washington/: New Delhi, April 15