Date: 03/04/2024

Allcargo Terminals launches myCFS 2.0 
Digitalises two-thirds of the CFS EXIM process
Allcargo Terminals Limited, one of India’s widest CFS networks and a part of the India-born global logistics conglomerate Allcargo Group, recently introduced myCFS 2.0, an advanced version of its myCFS digital portal and mobile application. In line with its mission to offer digital technology-led customer convenience, the portal comes with a bouquet of 18 improved utility features that will bring convenience of faceless, contactless and paperless digital services from the comfort of the customer’s home or office or during travel. myCFS 2.0 has managed to digitalise 67 per cent of the customer interactions in CFS. It enables 67 per cent of the process for clearance of cargo at the CFS to be done digitally,Allcargo Terminals Limited myCFS portal and mobile application, launched in April 2023, offers a one-stop solution for convenient, contactless CFS services. The upgraded version is now more user-friendly, offering accurate nomination of containers, real-time container status updates, uploading documents online for Customs examination, import de-stuffing, export carting, and makes the clearance process faster Commenting on the launch of myCFS 2.0, Mr Suresh Kumar R., Managing Director, Allcargo Terminals Limited, said, “We have developed myCFS 2.0 in sync with the growing emphasis towards adoption of new-age tools and technology in the logistics industry. With its enhanced features, myCFS optimises business processes and offers seamless transportation of cargo, leading to reduced waiting for CHAs in CFS. myCFS 2.0 aims to strengthen the ease of doing business initiatives of the government.  myCFS 2.0 will redefine customer convenience in CFS operations and accelerate adoption of our digital portal amongst Customs House Agents and companies”.
Allcargo Terminals is offering training to CHAs in CFS to help them efficiently utilise the myCFS digital portal. The goal is to leverage digital technologies to simplify CFS operations, thus boosting operational and cost efficiency for customers, the release added. 
Source: Exim News Service: Mumbai, April 2