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6                      kolkata, Friday, March 17, 2023

          New shipping service to link Indian
              Subcontinent & Saudi Arabia

          ( Continued from page 3)  of January this year, thereby
            Besides  king  abdulaziz   opening  new trade avenues
          Port, the iMX route also calls   between the  kingdom and
          at the  ports  of  Jebel  ali,   43 global ports.
          khalifa, Nhava Sheva, hazira,   a top-ranked hub facing the
          Mundra and hamad onboard   arabian Gulf,  King  abdulaziz
          three vessels holding a ca-  Port features world class in-
          pacity of 3,500 tEUs each.   frastructure and cutting-edge
            A  total  of  five  shipping   equipment offering the highest
          services were added  to  the   degree of operational efficien-
          trade hubs of Jeddah, Jubail,   cy,  scale and reliability,  high-
          and Dammam over the span   lighted a release.
          Gati extends its EV last-mile
                delivery collaboration

          ( Continued from page 3)  abad  to  bengaluru  store  is  a
          and plans to  onboard  larger   testament to that commitment.
          capacity four-wheeler  cargo   The collaboration is also in
          vehicles in the near future.  it   line with the government’s

          aims to increase the EV-led last  initiatives to promote green   pioneer in supporting  iKEa   company is leasing  EVs from
          mile deliveries for store to over  growth – economic growth   india’s zero emission  journey.    a number of transport vendors
          70 per cent by 2023, as per a  keeping sustainability in focus.   we are very happy to extend   on commitment to service level
          release.                   The EV deployment in logistics
            Commenting on the collab-  transportation  is  set  to  grow   our association  with GaTi for   performance.
          oration,  Pirojshaw Sarkari,  on the back of increasing ESG   our bengaluru store and thank   in addition, gati is setting
          cEo, gati ltd, said, “Deploy-  awareness among corporates   them for  the co-creation and   up EV charging stations at
          ing EVs for express distribu-  and customer demand for   smart execution which will   its warehouses to build an en-
          tions is a part of our sustain-  sustainable logistics services.   surely support us in moving to-  abling  infrastructure  for faster
          ability and green logistics  we look forward to extend-  wards our aim of 100 per cent   EV deployment. The charging
          initiatives.  both Gati and  ing our support to iKEa in its    zero emissions in home deliv-  stations will run on solar pow-
          iKEa are committed to last  mission to achieve sustainable   eries by 2025.”    er, as the warehouses already
          mile zero emission deliveries.  and greener deliveries”.   Gati aims to fully convert   have solar rooftop panels in-
          Our association with  iKEa is   Saiba  Suri,  Country  Cus-  its pick-up and delivery fleet to   stalled to generate power for
          since 2019 and its subsequent  tomer Fulfilment Manager,  EVs by 2025. as a part of its   running operations, the re-
          extension  from  iKEa  hyder-  iKEa,  said, “Gati has been a  EV fleet development plan, the   lease added.
          AD Ports Group enters Uzbekistan logistics market

                           Exim News Service                      aDL-ulanish will offer a variety of advanced services including
                                           abu Dhabi, March 16  freight forwarding - air and land logistics, warehousing and stor-
            aD Ports Group, a leading facilitator of global trade, logistics  age, Customs clearance services, and the development of inland
          and industry, and SEG ENEra Group, one of the largest multi-  container depots and dry ports. in addition, the company will pro-
          sectoral holding companies in uzbekistan, recently announced  vide a range of digital solutions to boost service integration and
          the formation of a new joint venture, aDL-ulanish, that will pro-  efficiency, as well as bring expertise in food security and supply
          vide end-to-end global logistics services across the republic of  chains to support the creation of a food hub in uzbekistan. Stra-
          uzbekistan.                                          tegically located at the cross-roads between the asian and Euro-
            Through the new joint venture enterprise, aD Ports Group will  pean markets, uzbekistan, and the broader Central asian region,
          bring  its cutting-edge  expertise  in global  supply  chain  logistics  is a vital global land logistics hub whose regional GDP will grow
          and advanced technology to the new company with the goal of ad-  from 3.9% in 2023 to 4.3% in 2024, said a release.
          dressing some of the logistics challenges faced by enterprises in
                                    uzbekistan, which is a double-    SCI recommencing
                                    landlocked  nation, surrounded
                                    by  five  additional  landlocked   India-Maldives service
          nations. SEG ENEra Group will, in turn, contribute its regional
          expertise, best practices and industrial  assets, including  ware-  Exim News Service  dependent  vessel  with  the
          housing capacity, alongside rail and trucking fleets. Through the   MuMbai, March 16  rotation:  tuticorin  -  Male  -
          joint venture, the two entities will serve not only SEG ENEra’s   thE Shipping Corporation   tuticorin.
          business needs, but also those of other clients within the nation’s  of india (SCi) has announced   The service is expected to
          market representing a spectrum of industry sectors including in-  that it is recommencing the   commence by end of March /
          dustrial project logistics, oil & gas, e-commerce, healthcare and  india-Maldives Shipping   1st week of april 2023, as per
          pharmaceuticals.                                     Service  by  operating  an  in-  a communique.
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