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           Vol. XXXX No. 33                 kolkata: Friday, March 17, 2023              Page - 3             7.00
          Allcargo Group ramping up ESG initiatives to

               create positive impact for stakeholders

                                ESG Global core team to be led by CEO Suresh Kumar R.
              Exim News Service                     across the   and societies.  it has engaged   unique technology which com-
                   MuMbai March 16,                 world have   KPMG assurance and Consult-  bines leading-edge, ai-enabled
             llcargo    Group,  an                  a common,   ing Services LLP to assist in lay-  automation and domain-rich
          aindia-born  global  logistics            robust     ing the foundational framework   content that accelerates an or-
          conglomerate, is strengthening            framework   for ESG strategy and formulat-  ganisation’s ESG journey, said
                                                    for their   ing the milestone goals. Due to   a release.
                                                    ESG ini-   the Group’s global  presence   the  group’s  ambitious
                                                    tiatives   and  for automating  ESG re-  ESg strategy will be governed
          its ESG (Environmental, Social            at different   porting  along  with the requi-  by a core group, including se-
          and Governance) framework   stages of  evolution to  create   site digital tools for tracking as   nior leadership from across
          and accelerating its initiatives.   sustained  outcomes  whilst   well as driving ESG programs,   its  offices  in  the  world,  led
            The priority for allcargo Group   strengthening the Group’s   it  has roped in GovEVa.  The   by Mr Suresh kumar r., cEo
          is to ensure that its businesses   commitment to environment   GovEVa ESG  software is a   ( Continued on page 12)
          New shipping service to link Indian  Gati extends its EV last-mile

              Subcontinent & Saudi Arabia                        delivery collaboration with

                     King Abdulaziz Port added                           IKEA in Bengaluru
              Exim News Service     Unifeeder.                     Exim News Service      iKEa  india for its store in
                 DaMMaM, March 16      The newly-introduced service   bENGaLuru, March 16   Nagasandra, bengaluru.
            thE  Saudi Ports authority   at the Dammam-based hub is   gati Ltd, an allcargo Group   in  line with Gati’s  vision to
          (Mawani) has announced the   set to broaden the Kingdom’s   company  and one of  india’s   offer green express logistics so-
          addition  of  king  abdulaziz   scope of  trade as  well as its   premier express logistics and   lutions and support the govern-
          Port to the iMX service run by   maritime  connectivity  with the   sup pl y    ment’s goal to cut the net car-
          a maritime  consortium that   rest  of  the world, which rep-       chain  solu-  bon emissions to zero by 2070,
          includes Qatar-based shipping   resents a key objective of the      tions provid-  Gati  has  deployed  electric
          and  logistics  conglomerate   National Transport and Logis-  ers,  has expanded  its  EV-led   three-wheeler  cargo  vehicles
          Milaha, vessel operator X-Press   tics Strategy (NTLS).   last-mile delivery partnership   at iKEa’s Nagasandra store
          Feeders, and short-sea carrier   ( Continued on page 6)  with home  furnishings  retailer   ( Continued on page 6)
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