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Main issues regarding RoDTEP (Refund of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products) highlighted in a representation by Export Promotion Council for EOUs & SEZs (EPCES) to the Finance Minister, Commerce and Industry Minister and to the RoDTEP Committee

* No RoDTEP for SEZs and EOUs even though they  also have to pay the taxes /duties  (electricity duty, VAT on fuel consumed in transportation of inputs and finished goods, embedded taxes, etc.) covered under the RoDTEP scheme even though they were getting MEIS so far which is no longer available as MEIS scheme has been discontinued. 

* No RoDTEP rates have been announced, but exporters told to apply for RoDTEP (without knowing the applicable rates) on shipping bill w.e.f. 1.1.2021. It is not clear as to how they will quote their price to their clients.

* At present perhaps RoDTEP rates will be announced only for 3-4 sectors. For others, the rates will be announced much later, but exporters have to start applying for RoDTEP (again without knowing the rates). Again, how will the exporters price in these benefits?   

* Ideally, advance information (say 2-3 months) should have been given to exporters about the RoDTEP rates first and then the RoDTEP schemes implemented. MEIS should have continued in other sectors where RoDTEP rates have not yet been decided. 

* Further, as such there is no connection between MEIS and RoDTEP schemes except that government expenditure is involved in both schemes. RoDTEP is exporters’ right as duties and taxes should not be exported as a general principle. MEIS is not connected with these duties and taxes and is basically meant for partially meeting the cost of higher logistics and regulatory costs in India as compared to other countries that are competing with us in the international market. 


Source: New Delhi


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