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Port connectivity largely unaffected by the pandemic

As carriers blanked a significant number of sailings during the pandemic, along with a few outright service closures, in issue 484 of the Sunday Spotlight was analysed UNCTAD’s Port Liner Shipping Connectivity Index (PLSCI) to see if the pandemic had a material impact on liner connectivity at an individual port level. Looked at was the 50 most-connected ports as they were in 2019-Q4, which was the last quarter before the Coronavirus outbreak.

As per a Sea-Intelligence release, Figure 1 shows a growth connectivity matrix for these ports, with the x-axis (horizontal axis) showing the percentage change in 2020-Q2 from 2019-Q4 as a base, and the y-axis (vertical axis) showing the percentage change in 2020-Q3 from 2019-Q4 as a base. “Using 2019-Q4 as a base ensures that we are comparing the peak pandemic (2020-Q2) and the recovery phase (2020-Q3) against the last quarter not impacted by Coronavirus.”

Most of the ports are in the top-right quadrant (and coloured green) which means that they recorded an improvement in connectivity in both 2020-Q2 and -Q3, with only a few ports in the bottom left (and coloured red) with a decrease in connectivity in both 2020-Q2 and -Q3. This means that despite the pandemic, these ports still had a strong enough liner network, which ensured that their connectivity index value did not decline. It is however interesting to note that some of the biggest European ports recorded a decline in connectivity in both quarters, whereas all 3 North American ports on the list recorded an increase in connectivity in both quarters, the release said.


Source: Exim News Service: Copenhagen, Oct. 15


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