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Need 8,000 Boeing 747 cargo aircraft to provide a single dose of Covid-19 vaccine to 7.8 billion people: IATA


To provide a single dose of the vaccine to 7.8 billion people will require the use of 8,000 Boeing 747 cargo aircraft. Safely delivering Covid-19 vaccines will be the mission of the century for the global air cargo industry, according to IATA’s Director-General and CEO, Mr Alexandre de Juniac. 

There are currently 29 vaccines being tested in multiple human trials running simultaneously around the world. Once a vaccine is approved for use, licensing and large-scale manufacturing takes place. But without proper planning, these vaccines won’t be able to fly the skies, he added, as per a report. 

Among the major concerns is the availability of temperature-controlled facilities and equipment, along with trained staff. Robust monitoring capabilities will need to be in place too. Permits for operators carrying the vaccine will need to be fast-tracked and the flight crew members exempted from quarantine requirements to ensure cargo supply chains are maintained, said IATA, the report added. 



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