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Cochin Shipyard to build hybrid vessels for Kochi Metro

Cochin Shipyard Ltd (CSL) has received a Letter of Acceptance from Kochi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (KMRL) for building 23 boats. These boats will provide inland transportation using electric/ hybrid technology. On the whole, Kochi Metro requires around 78 high-quality boats of international standards, of which 25, having a capacity of 100 pax, was tendered by KMRL in which CSL also participated.

These boats offered by CSL are designed with in-house expertise, would be around 24 m long and powered using an electric propulsion system equipped with high quality lithium A titanium oxide battery will be used to run the boat for one hour, after which it can be charged at the charging stations of jetties in 15 minutes, thereby providing uninterrupted service to customers.  For emergency purposes and for achieving top speed, the propulsion system of the boats will also be connected through a hybrid system using power from diesel generators.

This project is expected to bring about a revolutionary change in the water transportation segment in India, with significant impact on the country’s effort to reduce emissions and carbon footprint. Considering that the primary source of power for charging the boats is planned from solar PV installations, it will further augment the benefits in terms of environment and sustainability.

Once this project is successfully implemented by KMRL, it will not only catapult India into one of the select nations in the field of electric water mobility, but will also  open up huge potential for emulating this model of environment-friendly and technologically-advanced inland water vessels in various other cities of India. This, in turn, will be a major  boost  for  the GoI’s initiatives in opening up inland water transport in the country as a mode that is cost-competitive and less impactful on the environment, said a release.


Source : Exim News Service - Kochi, Sept. 10


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