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ZIM announces new Central America-Caribbean service 


ZIM has announced a new ser-vice between Mexico, Carib-bean and Central America, commencing in the second half of this month, with the following rotation:


Veracruz - Altamira - P. Cortes - Santo Tomas - Kingston - Rio Haina - San Juan - Kingston - Veracruz 


As per a release, ZIM will operate 3 vessels in a weekly, fixed-day service offering the fastest transit time and best product in the region:


* From Mexico to Dominican Re-public


* From Mexico to Puerto Rico


* Connecting USEC and Canada to Mexico, Guatemala (and El Salva-dor) and Honduras


* Improved dedicated fixed-day service from Mexico to Caribbean and Central America markets


* Competitive transit time from Central America to Dominican Repub-lic and Puerto Rico


The new CCS service joins its ex-tensive portfolio of services in Central America and the Caribbean, connect-ed and synchronised with ZIM’s major global trades including the Cross At-lantic and Trans-Pacific Services, said a release.


Source : Our Correspondent


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