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Benefits of the proposed Sea Cargo Manifest & Transhipment Regulation


Presentation by Mr Y. Leeladharan, Chairman, The Chennai and Ennore Ports Steamer Agents’ Association, as a panelist during the 11th South East CEO Conclave & Awards 2019 held on July 3, 2019 at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai


The Sea Cargo Manifest & Transhipment Regulation 2018 – Notification No.38/2018 dated 11.05.2018 may come into force from August 1, 2019.


As per notification, Authorised Sea Carriers (ASC) or Authorised Sea Agents (ASA) have to file the arrival manifest with entire cargoes/containers carried by the vessel at first arrival at Indian port, which includes Same Bottom Cargo meant for vessel’s subsequent calls to other Indian ports as well as foreign ports, electronically, prior to the departure of the vessel from the Load Port or Last Foreign Port of call. Similarly, Departure Manifest to be filed before sailing of the vessel from Indian port.


Benefits: Transparency/Accountability


* Only Authorised/Registered stakeholders able to execute shipments.


* It may prevent movement of unauthorised cargoes at the registration level itself. This process may avoid re-export procedures/dumping of rejected cargoes at ports/CFSs to maximum extent.


* Customs will have entire data on the parties involved from the time of registration until consignment delivered.


* Advance planning/compliance by receivers will help clear the consignment without delays.


* New regulation may be the pathway to the stakeholders to avail AEO status.


* Streamlined procedures will help to follow one SOP on pan-India basis.


* It may avoid manual processing the maximum possible.


* Electronic mode of compliances/permissions will help the trade to handle more volumes of transhipment containers—ex-im or coastal cargo—through dedicated coastal carrier/Indian flag foreign run/foreign flag vessels.


* Regulation may hold the actual stakeholder who are responsible/liable for non-compliance.


* Successful implementation will definitely increase India’s World Bank ranking.


Challenges to the trade


* Advance registration process through DG Systems – Time-frame may be a concern; which should not impact shipment schedule.


* Importers to process/source the details in advance from all concerned for registration.


* Advance planning by the stakeholders in delivering the containers/cargo at Load Port.


* Terminal management on the ground slots due to extending free time may be sought by their customers.


* Extending the facility to amend the registration details in the event containers/cargo fail to connect to the scheduled vessel.


* Shipping line constraints/legal binding in providing the slots/details in advance to the shippers at Load Port for compliance.


* Declaration/Filing of Arrival Manifest at first Indian port of call by shipping lines prior vessel sailing from Load Port/Last Foreign Port for entire cargo/containers on board where multiple Indian ports involved with Same Bottom Cargo meant for foreign ports.


* Amendment of port of call/manifest in the event vessel diverts to other Indian port or foreign port.


* Uploading of vessel’s arrival/departure documents in the system, which would be huge.


* Providing the manifest details (DPDDPD/DPDCFS/Optional CFS under PNR movement) by the receivers to their clearing agents/shipping lines prior loading of the container on board/before sailing of the vessel from Load Port, especially when vessels sail from short haul ports.


* Surrendering of original Bills of Lading negotiated through banks to the shipping lines prior arrival of the vessel at discharge port to obtain E-Delivery Orders.


Request to consider/extend facility


* DG Systems to accept registration only from approved/authorised importers and exporters under their Login IDs and upon approval with registration number; copy of the same to be forwarded to the shipping lines for accepting the consignment at Load Port.


* Provision to be made to accept Arrival Manifest initially filed with Load Port Terminal Load List with approved Registration numbers tagged to the related containers for verification.


* Same Bottom Cargoes meant for foreign ports - limited information may be accepted.


* Time-frame for filing Arrival Manifest - Existing system may be continued to avoid amendments, which will also give breathing time to the importers to decide on mode of clearance.


* Provision to be made available in order to amend the Arrival Manifest online directly by respective shipping lines prior Entry Inward.


* Swift integration of Arrival Manifest and its amendment/splitting between ICEGATE and PCS system will help to issue E-Delivery Orders through PCS without delay. Updated Arrival Manifest to be shared with the respective stakeholders for verification/effective delivery of consignment.


* Filing of Departure Manifest - Existing system to be continued. Auto generation of Departure Manifest errors/pendency list, if any, shipping lines-wise will help to amend/file supplementary manifest without delay.


* A system to be derived which can have auto integration of Departure Manifest details with the terminal Load List without shipping lines’ intervention of filing Departure Manifest.


* ICEGATE system to provide option of accepting "NIL" Departure Manifest when there is no loading and vessel sails in ballast.


* For break-bulk and bulk cargoes, respective stakeholders have provided their valuable inputs to CBIC for perusal and guidance.


* Publicity regarding the new regulation at regular intervals may help importers/exporters/other stakeholders to understand/comply with the procedures.


Source : Exim News Service - Chennai


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