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Conqueror Freight Network meets to talk business & network in Thailand


Conqueror Freight Network, claimed to be the largest exclusive network in the world, brought together more than 120 attendees, representing over 50 countries in Phuket, Thailand, from April 2 to 4, 2019.


As per a release, the annual meeting offered plenty of networking opportunities with the scheduled one-to-one meetings of the members together with all the unofficial business discussions. Some of the crowning moments of the meeting included a welcome cocktail reception and a gala dinner party at a beachfront restaurant where the agents got to live it up after a day of face-to-face meetings.


"The meeting gave our members a chance to meet each other, promote their business and discuss matters face-to-face which is undoubtedly much more productive and congenial than months of discussions over video calls or emails. It was indeed great to be back at Phuket—the place where we started off our very first annual conference back in 2012!" said Mr Antonio Torres, President and Founder of Conqueror Freight Network.


Additionally, the technological challenges faced by independent forwarders and the issues related to the logistics industry were addressed in the course of the two-and-a-half days. of the meeting. The Conqueror team also took the opportunity to show the new improvements made in the software it is working on: Freight Viewer—which will allow agents to receive and send quotations 24/7.


Said one of the attending members: "It is very satisfying to see that Conqueror Freight Network’s team is investing in a future for us, the freight forwarders, with innovative tools such as Freight Viewer. All our work processes are being more and more digitalised and we can’t be left behind."


Source : Exim News Service - Phuket (Thailand), April 7