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Lift & Shift sets new benchmark by delivering 20,000 t of heavy lift cargo in 30 days for 11 projects


Between March 25, 2018 and April 27, 2018 the team at Lift & Shift was looking at the mammoth task of delivering 32 equipment from various yards in Gujarat (L&T Hazira, ISGEC Dahej and Reliance Jamnagar) to 11 projects located in Mumbai High, Saudi Arabia, the US, Sikka, Assam and Haryana.


The weights of the cargo ranged from 70 to 2,800 tonnes, totalling 285,000 FRT of cargo, which was transported over 11 barge trips in various barges ranging from 230 class to 330 class. Along with these barges, a fleet of 224 SPMT and conventional axles were deployed.


The operations and engineering team at Lift & Shift put in place a plan to ensure that each site would be able to work round-the-clock across all three locations without any compromise to the safety of its people and the cargo. Closely working with the Marine Warranty Surveyor, all safety concerns were addressed to their satisfaction well in time as to not hamper the delivery schedule.


The projects involved


Neelam Development Project in Mumbai offshore field - Lift & Shift loaded out 3 modules ranging from 2,000 to 2,800 tonnes in 3 barges within 1 week, setting a new benchmark in the yard for the load out for such large decks. The operation involved 112 SPMT to transport the jacket and deck from the yard to the jetty and thereafter loaded out on 3 separate barges which had been prepared with pre-ballast by the marine team. The operations, being conducted in a narrow tidal window, were carried out in the middle of the night but with all safety precautions being pre-planned.


Safaniya Decks for Saudi Aramco - 4 modules weighing 1,250 tonnes on 2 barges again in 1 week, which included towing in the barges into the channel from anchorage, preparation for load out, loading and then sail out back to the anchorage for handover of the barge to the ocean going tug to sail for Saudi Arabia.


IOCL Boigangaon Assam Project - 5 equipment fabricated at the L&T MFF yard were transported to the L&T RoRo jetty and then loaded on to a Lift & Shift barge for delivery of the cargo to a heavy lift ship at Adani Hazira Port.


HMEL Bhatinda Project - 430-tonne reactor for HMEL Bhatinda was loaded on a 230 class barge from L&T HED Jetty and shipped to Mundra Port where a temporary jetty was built to discharge the cargo for further transport to Bhatinda.


ISGEC shipment to Reliance Industries - 60 m long column fabricated at ISGEC Dahej yard was transported to Adani Hazira Port and rolled onto a 230 class barge which then sailed onward to Sikka where the cargo was loaded in and transported 20 km.


L&T HED shipment to Reliance Industries - 60 m long column weighing 600 tonnes, having a diameter of 8.5 m fabricated at L&T HED was transported to the jetty, rolled onto a 230 class barge which then sailed to Sikka where it was loaded in and transported 20 km.


L&T MFF shipment to Reliance Industries - 4 desalters, each weighing 240 tonnes fabricated at the L&T yard, were transported to the jetty, loaded out onto a 230 class barge and sailed to Sikka where it was loaded in and transported to site.


L&T HED to Indian Oil Co. Baroda - VGO reactor of 430 tonnes was barged from L&T Hazira to Dahej for further transport to IOCL Baroda. Lift & Shift’s scope was to barge the same on their 230 class barge.


Export shipment - 9 equipment were transported by road from the L&T Yard to Adani Hazira Port in 3 days on short notice as the ship arrived ahead of schedule. The cargo was transported round-the-clock and delivered to the ship without causing any delay.


RIL Sikka - Ship carrying an urgent consignment for RIL arrived at Sikka jetty where Lift & Shift received the cargo under the ship hook and then transported it to site within 2 days. The cargo weighed 240 tonnes.


EO reactors for the US - The final challenge was 2 reactors each weighing 1,200 tonnes for delivery to the US, which were rolled on to 280 class barge at L&T Jetty in 24 hours after the barge berthing due to limited availability in tides. The challenge was to prepare the barge, pre-ballast it for load out, placement of structures for load distribution, and finally the load out of the reactors.


Along with these shipments, Lift & Shift shifted another 65 equipment totalling about 7,000 tonnes within the yards of L&T and Reliance during the same period.


The secret to the success of these operations was pre-planning and envisaging possible delays or problems and preparation of ready back-up plans, which ensured that Lift & Shift was able to meet and deliver all the equipment on time safely.


Lift & Shift thanked its clients, team members and associates for their trust and belief that it would be able to execute the deliveries safely and on time, said a release.


Source: Exim News Service - Mumbai, June 12


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