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Visa Global Logistics Spa enters into a Joint Venture with Navigators Logistics - India

New company to be called Navigators Visa Global Logistics Ltd


WHEN two conglomerates decide to work together, the aim always is to grow mutually and reach higher standards. And if this tie-up is between companies from different countries, then the goals are even bigger to create a global presence for both partners.


Navigators Logistics Ltd, an over a decade-old leading freight forwarding company in India with active 12+ branches covering all major airports/seaports in India, is now entering into strategic joint venture with Visa Global Logistics - Italy with its Group Head Office in Sydney, which is Australia’s largest, privately-owned freight forwarder.


Navigators is uniquely positioned to handle door-to-door deliveries for all kinds of international cargo to/from worldwide to India, including food products, perishables, building material, heavy overdimensional plant and machinery, etc.


Visa Global Group has over 45 offices covering more than 12 countries with presence in over 30 countries through strategic partnerships.


The international freight forwarding sector/industry has not seen much foreign direct investment in the last few years and the scenario seems to be changing in the post-GST positive reforms. But now both companies can ideally complement each other and help mutually increase their presence on the Europe-India and Australia-India trade lanes.


The new JV was formally launched at an event in Delhi by Italian Ambassador to India, Mr Lorenzo Angeloni, followed by similar events on September 7 and 8, 2017 in Pune and Mumbai, respectively, by Italian Consul General, Mr Ugo Ciarlatani, and Italian Chamber of Commerce Secretary-General, Mr Claudio Maffioletti, with Navigators and Visa marking their network. The company will be now called Navigators Visa Global Logistics Ltd or NVGL.


At the JV event, being the Chief Guest, Italian Ambassador to India, Mr Lorenzo Angeloni, said: "I am very happy as India and Italy have had good relations and ties and with this joint venture I hope to see the two countries getting into more business and we are in a very positive mind that the Italian-Indian relations shine together through this merger."


Mr Andrea Gandolfo, Country Manager - VGL, said: "We are very happy to enter into this joint venture with Navigators Logistics as they are a like-minded, aggressive, focused and hardworking team; so with similar synergy we are happy to enter this vibrant country India under the flagship name ‘NVGL’."


Navigators was incorporated in December 2004 when two close friends in their mid-twenties, Mr Vaibhav Verma and Mr Stanley Gomez, turned their friendship into a business partnership, with further extension of its Board of Directors in 2013, including Mr Manish Vaswani - Director, Exports and Mr Vijay Kubavat - Director, Gujarat.


From there on the journey has been full of challenges but with successful growth, and today they are well positioned with 200+ professionals in their rolls with a client base of over 1,500 within India, including some Fortune 500 companies.


Navigators has been growing at a CAGR of 30-35 per cent year-on-year with expansions within Indian shores. However, the promoters’ vision was always to create their own niche by becoming a multinational corporation covering the entire Indian Subcontinent.


According to Mr Vaibhav Verma, Founder Promoter - Navigators, Navigators with the Visa experience and wide network plans to further expand their presence in Indian Subcontinent with new offices in not only India but other neighbouring countries, including Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It eyes a growth of over 40-50 per cent CAGR basis through the joint offices of both Navigators India and Visa.


Mr Stanley Gomez, Founder Promoter and Managing Director - Navigators, added that NVGL plans to reposition its market share and positioning specially in the Indo-Italian trade lane. The present Italian entity has deeper knowledge about Indian business and employs Indians in their Italian and Australian offices, and this will help the joint venture to grow as a dominant player in the Indo-Italian and Indo-Australian trade lane. NVGL wishes to triple its sales turnover in the next 3 years with this new JV, with the experience and financial infusion of the Visa Global Group.


Visa Global has experience of over 35 years operating in international door-to-door freight solutions with its own fleet of transport and state-of-art technology platform "One Track" enabling its global customers to track their shipment right from production lines to final delivery in another country/continent. It entered the multinational freight forwarding scene in 1982.


From various strengths and markets, its Directors Mr Vittorio Tarchi, Mr Simon, Mr Hardwidge, Mr Garth Harris and Mr George Schirato managed to get state-of-the-art technology and, at the same time, built one of Australia’s largest, privately-owned freight forwarders.


The focus was on Australia and New Zealand though the outlook was global with an international presence. Its business is to provide freight forwarding, clearance services and land-based movement into and out of Australia and New Zealand. It has strategically located offices in each state to provide container movement expediency from ship to their customers.


The Visa Global Logistics Spa, Italian forwarder, a fully-owned subsidiary of Visa Global Australia which is one of the largest privately-owned freight forwarders in Australia, has fully-owned offices in countries like Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and New Zealand.


Visa Global Group Chairman, Mr Vittorio Tarchi, said: "I am extremely excited to announce the Joint Venture between the Visa Global Group and Navigators Logistics. We started the Visa Global Group back in 1982 with a vision to revolutionise the otherwise complacent logistics industry. We offered relevant, legitimate supply chain solutions. We brought back service. We supported it by state-of-the-art technology. And we worked really hard."


He added that Visa Global located its offices in different parts of the world to provide container movement expediency from ship to customers, and "we always wanted a bigger presence in India. I think it is an opportune moment for us to join hands with Navigators Logistics who share the same vision and values as we at Visa Group do".


Source: Exim News Service - NEW DELHI, Sept. 12


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