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Office of the Commissioner of Customs (Nhava Sheva-I)

Manual filing & processing of Bills of Entries


F.No. EDI/Misc-82/2015 JNCH   Date: 14.06.2017



Attention of all Importers, Customs Brokers, Members of the Trade and others is invited towards Board’s Instructions No.-06/2017 dated 02.06.2017. It has been reiterated that manual Bill of Entries shall be allowed to be filed in EDI locations only in exceptional and genuine cases where permitted by the Principal Commissioner/Commissioner of Customs strictly in accordance with the legal provisions w.e.f. 15.06.2017.


2. In line of the said instructions issued by the Board, a procedure has been devised for streamlining the processing of manual Bills of Entries and necessary changes have been made in ICES 1.5 which will enable the capturing of data as a move towards full digitisation.


3. After receiving the permission for filing manual Bills of Entries from the Competent Authority, the following details of the Bill of Entry will be entered in ICES by TA/EDI in MBE Role:


a) IEC


b) Customs Broker Number, if applicable


c) Total Assessable value


d) Total duty (Self-Assessed)


e) Port of Destination


f) Customs Site


g) IGM No.


h) IGM Date


i) Master BL/AWB


j) House BL/AWB


k) GSTN No.


l) Assessment Group


In certain cases, where IGM details are not applicable (such as Domestication of Containers), separate entry option has been provided for the same.


Once a Job Number is assigned by the system, the IGM details (where applicable) are matched and linked with the cargo declared in BE.


4. The declaration with the job number shall then move to the AC/DC of the concerned group who may approve the job in the Role of ACL in ICES after recording the reasons for Manual BE and the Reference No. of file approval by Commissioner.


5. A six digit Bill of Entry number (Running serial No. across all Customs locations) would be generated through ICES 1.5 and assigned to the declaration, after the concurrence of the Group AC/DC. The Group AC/DC (in ACL Role) has a menu "Manual BE/Challan Generation".


6. On generation of BE number in ICES 1.5, the BE will be assessed on paper as per usual manual process. After assessment of the paper Bill of Entry by Group Appraiser and AC/DC concerned, the Group AC/DC (in ACL Role) has an option to enter the total duty and licence associated, if any, with the BE, in the ICES 1.5.


7. The Group AC/DC (in ACL Role) will generate the challan of duty amount to be paid by the importer, post-adjustment in licence, etc., if any, would then be generated in the system and be available for payment in the e-payment portal ICEGATE and bank. Once duty paid, the receipt of payment would be automatically integrated in the system. No manual challans would henceforth be allowed for duty payment.


8. After payment of duty through online icegate e-payment, the Importer/CB will visit the Shed Appraiser for OOC of the BE. The OOC acknowledgement shall be entered by Shed Appraiser in the option provided in the SUP role. Once goods are cleared, the docket shall be forwarded to the TA/EDI Section, which shall enter the remaining details, including examination report of that Bill of Entry using MBE role. DC/EDI Section, may ensure that post-clearance of goods, the complete details have been entered in the ICES 1.5 on the date the OOC is given, and not later than the next day in case of adequate reason.


9. Henceforth, no BE at JNCH shall be filed with a BE number other than the running number generated by the ICES 1.5.


10. The copy of the manual Bills of Entries shall be preserved and made available for inspection whenever any inspection of the formation is scheduled. The DC/EDI shall carry out random cross verification exercise of the entries made by the EDI Section against the copy of the manual Bills of Entries from time to time to identify discrepancies and take corrective action.


11. All concerned are requested to monitor and supervise the implementation of the prescribed procedure by formations under their charge. Difficulties, if any, in implementation of the prescribed procedure may be brought to notice of the undersigned.







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